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CITEF (Railway Technology Research Centre)

CITEF (Railway Technology Research Centre) was created in 1997 as part of F2I2 (the Foundation for the Development of Industrial Innovation) for research, innovation, experimentation, study and teaching purposes within the railway knowledge area. It is a non-profit organisation pursuing aims of general interest within any rail transport technology sector.

As part of the Foundation, CITEF has the know-how, resources and experience needed to perform any project regardless of its complexity and size.

CITEF is a fully independent entity that uses a client-partner model to collaborate with the majority of the rail companies in Spain, the rest of Europe, South America and Asia.

CITEF is a worldwide benchmark in the development and use of advanced models and algorithms that efficiently simulate rail systems.

These developments are applied throughout the life-cycle: design, optimisation, validation and verification, training, operation and maintenance, thus addressing a broad range of needs within the rail sector.

CITEF’s major asset is its team, formed by PhDs, Engineers and Technical Personnel hired by the Foundation to perform the industrial projects. The team is also supported by teachers at the Technical School for Industrial Engineers of the Technical University of Madrid in Training, Research, Development and Innovation work.



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