CEFF’S new Euro 4000 simulator

CEFF’S new Euro 4000 simulator

CEFF’S new Euro 4000 simulator

The CEFF (Centro Europeo de Formación Ferroviaria) has completed its training offer in its high-specification railway simulators by acquiring a new, avant-garde simulator from CITEF: the Stadler Euro 4000 diesel locomotive simulator (Renfe 335 Series). This simulator, along with the current Bombardier TRAXX2E F140DC electric locomotive simulator (Renfe 253 Series), allows CEFF to train people in both types of railway traction.

The new simulator has the primary real controls (traction regulator, automatic and direct brakes, inverter, emergency brake, driver safety devices and ASFA signalling…) located as per ergonomically designed criteria and addressing the most realist arrangement possible. The rest of the controls are simulated on three touch screens, respecting the original distribution of the locomotive and include tabs to access the so-called virtual cabinets, simulating the controls accessible to engine drivers located outside the operator’s desk.

The Euro 4000 simulator has twelve scenarios and ten types of preset breakages, extendable in the future, as well as the possibility of configuring the locomotive for different services, including the ASFA type and traction and brake modes.

The model has been developed based on the technical documentation, which includes manuals and circuitry, and in collaboration with engine drivers qualified in this series, thereby achieving a very precise and detailed behaviour from the simulator.



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