Meeting of the SIMAFE project consortium

Meeting of the SIMAFE project consortium

Meeting of the SIMAFE project consortium

The meeting of the consortium of the SIMAFE (Rail Maintenance Simulators) project was held on 20 November 2014 at the Industrial Engineering School in Madrid. This project is co-financed by MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) through the INNPACTO 2012 call for proposals (IPT-2012-0225-370000) and ERDF (European Fund of Regional Development).

SIMAFE was established to respond to the requirements of companies performing rail maintenance tasks, since they wanted to improve staff training procedures and reduce the time and expense associated with this training.

This consortium’s objective is to develop a training platform for rail maintenance personnel based on advanced HMI techniques, e-training, e-learning, intelligent tutoring, training in case-based simulators, etc.

The members of SIMAFE are the companies Vías y Construcciones (project leader and coordinator), ANMOPYC (Spanish Association of Exporting Manufacturers of Machinery for Public Construction Works and Mining), the CARTIF Foundation (Technology Centre of Castilla-León), CETREN (the Rail Action Association) and CITEF—Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The meeting attendees reviewed the progress of the work packages and enjoyed a presentation of the first prototype of a tamper operation simulator, which CITEF developed for the project.