New portable simulators for CEFF

New portable simulators for CEFF

New portable simulators for CEFF

The European Railway Training Centre (CEFF) has hired CITEF to develop a set of state-of-the-art portable simulators. The new simulators will complete CEFF’s training offer and join its set of fixed-base simulators in its facilities in Madrid. CITEF has provided four new portable simulators for the Bombardier TRAXX2E F140DC (Renfe S253) electric locomotive, to train users to meet the requirements of Spain’s new rail regulations.

The key feature of the new simulator is its small size, making it easily transportable and installable, so it can be moved between CEFF’s different training facilities as required. The simulator system is simple to assemble and disassemble, and can be transported in two parts in flight cases. It is fitted with standard connectors so can be connected and up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Each simulator has a driver’s desk fitted with real controls (automatic and driver-operated brake, emergency brake, ASFA automatic braking system and dead man’s switch), as well as simulated virtual controls on two touchscreens and a panoramic 43-inch monitor showing the simulated surrounding environment.

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The simulators also come with an instructor’s console that can be transported alongside the training console.

These simulators are already installed and used in CEFF’s various training facilities throughout Spain.

They have been adapted to meet the requirements of the new Railway Traffic Regulations (RCF), published by the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (ADIF) and which came into force in 2017.